A Hero’s Journey: A Story of Pain, Joy, and Hope

All right, here we go! The first chapter of A Hero’s Journey: A Story of Pain, Joy, and Hope.

Chapter One: The Calling

My feet pounded the cobblestones of Astro-Knights Island. I was running to tell my friends that my parents had promised me a birthday party! First I met my friend Red Dragon at the Crop Circle Inn, and then I went to see Princess Jaguar at the castle. I was stopped by the guards when I reached the castle, but the Queen told them to let me pass. She asked, “What brings you here, Friendly Comet?” I replied, “I’m inviting Princess Jaguar to my birthday party, Your Majesty!” She said, “Okay, she’s in her room. But before you go, where is your party going to be at?” I replied, “The Planetarium,” and went to her room.

I told the princess, and she smiled. “Sure, I love that place!” she said, “When is it?” I said, “My birthday, silly!” She grinned. I heard my mom calling, “Friendly Comet, it’s time to come home!” I said, “Got to go!” Princess Jaguar said, “Aw, bye!” My mom asked me which dress I wanted to wear to the party. I chose my pink dress with a flower headband and belt to match. I was so excited for the party!

But it was not to be. The day before my party, the invaders attacked from the sky… and killed my parents and abducted Princess Jaguar in the process. I cried myself out the next day. I thought, “Why? First my parents died, and now my best friend is gone…” Right then and there I decided to avenge my parents’ death by finding out who -or what- killed them and abducted the princess. I decided to go down to our house’s basement to see if there was anything that could help me.

After about fifteen minutes, I found a heart-shaped gem with the words carved into it, “Love, joy, peace, and hope.” I had no idea what that meant, but I decided to keep the gem with me. I also found a bow and some arrows. I muttered, “Good thing I went through all of those archery lessons…” I searched the entire island for clues, and I found several. I found a crashed spacecraft, and powered it up with a fuel rod I had found. I was on my way to the Pewter Moon.

To be continued in Chapter Two: The Mission…


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