A Hero’s Journey: Chapter Two

Chapter Two: The Mission


I was halfway between Poptropica and the Pewter Moon when my fuel rod depleted. I crashed onto the moon, but I fell out of my seat. Just before I hit the ground, I felt a jolt and… I started flying. Bewildered, I looked around and I saw that my satchel was glowing! I peeked inside and realized that it was that strange gem. I gingerly took it out and it started to glow brighter.

Then, there was an explosion. I saw a bright light around me, and then I heard the voice of my mother. “Honey, you’ve done it!” “What? What have I done, Mom, er, whoever you are?” “It’s really me, Friendly Comet. You’ve accepted your destiny!” “My destiny? what do you mean, Mom?” “You see, you come from a long line of superheroes. Every generation has passed down the Gem of Hope…” “And now it’s my turn!” “Yes, honey. Now, hold the gem in front of you and say the words inscribed on it.” I did as my mom had said, and my chest started to glow. A ribbon of rainbow light spread out through each of my limbs. In a single minute, I went from orphan wanderer to a superhero with a mission.

To be continued in Chapter Three: Poptropica’s Savior


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