A Hero’s Journey: Chapter Three, Part One

(This chapter is so long that I had to divide it into parts so I could release something. Enjoy!)

Chapter Three: Poptropica’s Savior- Part One


I stood where I was in shock. I thought, “Me?  A superhero?” I looked at my hands in awe, and flew off. I decided to go to the Jungle planet, as it was the nearest planet, aside from Poptropica. On my way, I nearly collided with an alien ship, and they were NOT happy about it. They started shooting at me and I responded with my own firepower. Just when it seemed I was about to  lose, I saw a comet and it gave me a power like nothing I had ever felt, or even read about! Super-charged with the sight of the comet, I defeated my enemies.

I was in shock. Nothing like this had ever happened to anyone before! But then I remembered a prophecy that said,

Poptropica needs a team

of true heroes to defend

Its former glory

until the very end.

I thought, “Could it be? Could be a hero on the team?” Then I realized what I had never understood, why my parents died, or at least my mom. I realized that I couldn’t have become a superhero if my mom was alive as a person, because there could only be one living superhero in a single family, current or former, because it would upset a balance of power in the family.

After the realization, I went on my way to the Jungle Planet, singing, “Cutting a ribbon of hope the sky, giving everything life…” Soon, I reached the Jungle Planet. Sir Cador thought I was a comet, which was supposed to be a sign of bad luck. He said, “It’s a comet! Help!” His outcry gave me an idea for a name. I said, “Not just any comet! I’m… Super Comet!” He was terrified until I said, “It’s okay. I’m here to help.” I took off my mask and he recognized me. He asked, “Friendly Comet? What are you doing here?” I replied, “I’m doing what you’re doing. I’m trying to save Princess Jaguar.” He said, “I get that, but how did you get here?” I smiled and replied, “I have special powers. It’s hard to explain. Come on, let’s go find Sir Gawain!” He said, “Okay, but how do you propose we get there?” I grinned and handed him an oxygen mask. “Put this on and hold on tight,” I instructed.

We tore off through space towards the Ice Planet. I stopped short when I saw the space sharks, nearly slinging Sir Cador towards them. “Sorry,” I said. He said, “It’s okay.” I backed up and then went in at full speed. Just before we got in, they noticed us and started chasing us. I was going too fast to stop and turn around, and the biggest shark was about to chomp us! Just when it seemed that we were going to die, I got fast enough to warp to safety. We tumbled into the snow, dazed but safe. Amazed, Sir Cador asked, “How did you do that?” I replied, “I don’t know!” We hiked up the mountain and met Sir Gawain. Sir Cador filled him in on our little adventure. Sir Gawain looked at me, astonished. “How- who- why- what- HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE!?!” I replied, “I don’t know much more than you do.”

I blasted the Tigercopter, and after checking for the princess, Sir Cador, Sir Gawain, and I warped to the Fire Planet to find Sir Pelleas in hopes that he had found the princess. When we got there, we met Sir Pelleas at the mouth of a cave. Sir Cador told the story until the Ice Planet, then Sir Gawain told him the rest of the story. Sir Pelleas’ reaction was about the same as Sir Gawain’s, except he stayed a little calmer. I went in the cave to battle the Dragotank while the knights talked about their adventures before I came along. I concentrated super-hard and shot out more power than I knew I had! After I defeated the Dragotank, I flew off with the knights to the Crystal Asteroid. I pulled the key, and was sucked into the portal. When I reached the other side, I saw Princess Jaguar! There was something funny about her clothes though…

To be continued in Part Two…

Note: The part after the prophecy is a little weird because I had to change the prophecy a little to fit with future chapters and I DID NOT want to have to rewrite the entire paragraph. I was already WAY off schedule.


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