Hey guys, it’s Super Comet, and I have some bad news. I’m quitting WordPress. Since I came home from camp back in June, I’ve lost interest in blogging. I know I should have posted this a LONG time ago, but the truth is I wasn’t completely sure I wanted to leave. Now that school has started, I don’t have time for blogging. Thanks to everyone that has encouraged me along the way.


Super Comet



Hey, guys, Super Comet here. First of all, I am SO SORRY about not posting! I haven’t been able to get on the computer lately. I also have some bad news. I’ve kind of lost interest in A Hero’s Journey. On the bright side, I have another idea for a new fanfic. I won’t release too many details, but let’s just say I used to have a blog with this fanfic on it.

Happy poppin’,

Super Comet

A Hero’s Journey- Chapter Four, Part Two: A Villain’s Plan

In a secret underground base…

Black Widow: “The Power Force is coming together! If all five members come together, evil will cease to exist! As much as I hate to say it, we MUST band together if we are to stop them.”

Captain Crawfish: “Aye, mate, they be scalawags of the worst sort.”

Dr. Hare: “Well, how do we stop them? I’m getting hungry… Anyone have a carrot?”

BW: “Whatever. Anyway, I think we should attack Super Comet before she can get the team together.”

Binary Bard: “That sounds good to me. 01001001 00100000 01010111 01001001 01001100 01001100 00100000 01000111 01000101 01010100 00100000 01011001 01001111 01010101 00101100 00100000 01010011 01010101 01010000 01000101 01010010 00100000 01000011 01001111 01001101 01000101 01010100 “

CC: “Well, where and when should we attack, mate?”


BW: “Sheesh. Here’s a carrot, for crying out loud.”

DH: “Thank you. 🙂 Okay, what’s the plan?”

Then Black Widow laid out her plan.

Astro-Knights Island

I flew to the top of the castle. I had gone there lots of times for fun, but this time I needed to so I could contemplate what had happened to me. I had changed from orphan to hero, but what was I supposed to do?


Hey, guys, it’s me, Super Comet! So, as you can see by the title, the shoes are back!

Below is the Creator’s post.

The final Feats of speed racing game is now on Poptropica! Find Speedy Sam on his trusty treadmill on the Home Island and race him through the Galactic Hot Dogs ghost ship. SPOOKY!

Beat the world record and earn your emerald green sneakers. But be sure to get your shoes as soon as you can — this race is only on Poptropica until next week.

Over on the Poptropica app, Feats of Speed game 3 is now available. Race Sam up Mocktropica Mountain and get your Poptropican their blue sneakers. Same deal as — the race is only on the app for a week. So zoom over to the Poptropica app, leave Sam in the dust, and grab those blue kicks!

Are you ready, Poptropicans? Take some nice deep breaths and then get racing on Poptropica or on the Poptropica app!

Happy poppin’,

Super Comet

Introducing… Featured Blog Friday!

So, I’m starting a new segment here. I’ve had the idea for a while, but I’ve been working it out. So, basically, every Friday, I’ll feature a new blog. So this week’s featured blog is Tall Cactus’ Poptropica Blog! Owned by former SPB (Super Poptropica Blog) author Tall Cactus, this blog is (almost) guaranteed to bring you everything Poptropica (including the Totem Curse, which is currently on hiatus.)

Happy poppin’,

Super Comet

A Hero’s Journey: Chapter Four, Part One: A Wintry Victory

At the same time that all of this was happening, there was a girl named Tall Cactus on Cryptids Island. The very day I had earned my powers, a family sword was passed down to her. For a while, she played around with it, then she completely forgot about it. It remained in the back of her closet until the day she moved to Game Show Island.

When she was packing, she cleaned out her closet and found the sword. Strangely, it hadn’t gathered dust in the several months it was there. Tall Cactus decided to keep it in case she needed it. Exactly one week after she arrived, the robots took over the island. She wished she hadn’t come, but it was too late now. One day while Tall Cactus was working, she said to her partner, “Do you ever wish you could go back in time and change something that happened?” The other worker replied, “Oh, yeah.” Tall Cactus said, “I hope the Power Force comes to save us soon.”

Meanwhile, in an undisclosed location…

Holmes: “Power Force? Please…”

???: “I thought the prophecy that foretold their coming was destroyed!”

Holmes: “Apparently it wasn’t.”

Back with Tall Cactus

Tall Cactus finished working and went home. After dinner, she started reading her favorite book. She got to the part where the main character made a plan to fight for her best friend’s freedom, and Tall Cactus got an idea. She called every single Poptropican on the island over to her house. After describing her plan, she said, “We strike tomorrow at noon.” The next day, Tall Cactus put her sword in her belt before she went to work. At noon, she whispered, “Time to strike.” Then she yelled, “Humans, STRIKE!” As if they were psychically linked, every single human left their workstations at the same time. A few robo-guards tried to stop them, but Tall Cactus slashed them with her sword. Then, EVERY SINGLE ROBOT ON THE ISLAND came after them. The humans were trapped!

Then, Tall Cactus, summoned immense courage and strength from somewhere deep inside her. Then she slashed the sword as much as she could, but it wasn’t enough. The robots just kept coming! Then she slashed right diagonally, then left diagonally, then straight down. then she lunged. When she lunged, she shot ice out of her hand and froze the robots.  Then she tried it again on all of the other robots. The victory was won, and then Tall Cactus transformed! She got a cape made of snowflakes, a crown and shoes made of ice, and a beautiful blue dress. She said, “I’m Snowflake, and I’m the winter spirit!” Then she created an ice trail to walk on and skated off.

Changes for Poptropica

LOL too lazy to take the time to write another post. Man, this is a big change for Poptropica!

The MEGA Poptropica Blog!

Hey, guys! It’s me, Super Comet! So, earlier today, Poptropica released a post saying that later this year, Poptropica is going to change… BIG TIME.

I’m not going to bore you with all of the details, but basically, they’re changing the characters, giving Poptropica a unified storyline (which, TBH, is the thing I’m MOST excited about) and a social experience. If you want all of the details, then check out the Creators’ post.

So what do you think? State your theories and opinions about this change.

P.S. This my first ever update post on any blog! So, yay me! XDDDDD

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A Hero’s Journey Contest

UPDATE: A few boy roles have been added for the Hero slot.

So, in the last part of A Hero’s Journey, I announced a contest for being in the next chapter. So, here’s the slots that need to be filled.


  1. Snowflake: Her powers include shooting ice, making ice paths, basically a superhero Elsa. Her special hand piece is the Snowflake Sword. Signature line: “The winter spirit!”  Slot filled
  2. Sea Foam: Power is moving water with her mind. Her special hand piece is the Water Wand. Signature line: “Daughter of the sea…”  Slot filled
  3. Tigress: She can talk to animals. Her special hand piece is the Nature Knife (don’t ask). Signature line: “The forest child!”
  4. Sunbeam: She can shoot fire. Her special hand piece is the Sunbeam Scepter. Signature line: “The fiery princess!”
  5. Windshear: He can make tornadoes, wind, etc. He’s not part of the official team, but he’s the leader of the backup.  Slot filled
  6. Medicus: He can immediately heal wounds and bring people to life. He’s Windshear’s sidekick.  Slot filled


  1. Bucka Lucka: The Power Force’s main enemy.
  2. Bucka Lucka’s minions:
  • Second-in-command
  • Chief scientist
  • Random minion 1
  • Random minion 2

Now, here’s how your application should look:

For the heroes:

  1. Poptropica name
  2. Short BIO of your Poptropican

For Bucka Lucka:

  1. Same as the heroes

For Bucka Lucka’s minions:

  1. Poptropica name
  2. Gender
  3. Villain name
  4. Short BIO

And that’s all!

Happy poppin,

Super Comet

A Hero’s Journey: Chapter Three, Part Two


As I landed, I called, “Princess Jaguar!” She replied, “Oh, hi! Uh, who are you?” I took off my mask and asked, “Don’t you recognize me?” She said, “No… things are kind of foggy. I don’t remember much before my kidnapping…” I saw two things that were out of place while she was talking:

  • Her face had a grayish tint and was kind of shiny.
  • Her eyes were red.

I nodded and punched her in the face. She fell back, and when she landed, she turned into a cyborg jester. I saw the clothes: purple and yellow. I gasped. “Mordred!” She- or should I say he– said, “Not Mordred, not anymore. Now, I am the BINARY BARD!!!” I stared, then blasted him.
“01010100 01101000 01100001 01110100 00100000 01101000 01110101 01110010 01110100 00101110 00101110 00101110”

I said, “Okay… Anyways, now to rescue the princess!” I flew inside the castle and saw her in a green, glowing cage. She said, “Friendly Comet! Is it really you?” I grinned, “No, of course it’s not me. I’m a mirage.” She giggled. I saw an orb and picked it up. When I picked it up, the cage vanished. We flew back through the portal and picked up the knights, then flew home.

The next day, the king summoned me. He said, “For your acts of bravery, I knight you Lady Comet of Arturus!” I said, “Thanks, Your Highness, but I’d prefer to be called Super Comet!” With that, I blasted off, singing, “Cutting a ribbon of hope through the sky, giving everything life…”

(To be continued…)

(P.S. The next chapter will have a few lucky people from the community! I’ll make a post describing how to enter the contest soon.)

Happy poppin’,

Super Comet