Early Poptropica Island Guide

Walkthrough by Super Comet

(I can’t add pictures, but I hope this guide helps. šŸ™‚ )

Go to Early Poptropica. When you land, go right and continue on to the next screen. When you get to the next screen, go right and into the well. Once you are in the well, hop around to the upper left until you find a glowstick.Ā  Leave the well and go back to Main Street (Where you landed).Ā 

When you reach Main Street, go into the manhole. Drop down to the bottom right (watch out for the spiders!) and grab the pixelated (or should I say pigxelated?) pig. Jump over the giant green spider and head through the tunnel to your left. When you get to the dark screen, (this is where you need the glowstick) go left until you find a rope, then climb it.

After climbing the rope, go left until you reach the second rope. Climb it, go left, climb the next rope, go left, and grab the Golden Egg. Now go right, cross the rope you just climbed, climb the next rope, go left, climb the rope, go left again, pass the next rope, climb the one after that, go right, climb up the final rope, then leave. When you’re above ground, use the windowsills and clotheslines to get to the top of the blue building. When you reach the top, climb up the vine.

Run left across the clouds and talk to the purple giant. You’ll give him the Golden Egg, and he will lift his club so you can pass. Go right and arrive at theĀ garden. Pass all of the veggies and grab the Water Bucket. Go right to theĀ Airplane Graveyard. Using the fans, jump over the rocket and grab the jetpack. Go back to the garden and use the jetpack to fly between the shovel and the vine, then exit. At the next screen, go right, grab the flag, then go to the Early Poptropica street. Give the pig to the person by the fence, the water bucket to the guy by the well, and the flag to the man on the tower. You’ll see a ship, and talk to the man on it. He will give you 150 credits and theĀ ISLAND MEDALLION!!!


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