All right, this page is for asking to be an author, editor, etc.

Now, here’s how your application should look:

Poptropica name

Poptropica username

WordPress username

Link to your Poptropica blog

Reason you want to be an author

Rank you want (Author, Editor, or Contributor)

2-3 sentences about yourself



3 thoughts on “Help!

  1. 1. Short Lion
    2. wiiboy129
    3. mariotropica
    4. (Author, not founder.)
    5. Not too long ago, I became an author on the Cuddly Knuckle Blog. Now I’m thinking, “I want to be involved more in the Poptropica Community, so why not become an author on another Blog?” I also want to help this blog become SUPER active again!
    6. Author. (Is it not obvious in number 5?) XD 🙂 😉
    7. I LOVE Poptropica, Mario, & Football. I ESPECIALLY love the Dallas Cowboys! THROW UP THE X!!!


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